Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful town based around a ski & snowboard resort on Mammoth Mountain. Two days off were required after the ten day stretch and Mammoth was an ideal spot to take them. We spent much of our day outside the Stella Brew Cafe popping to and fro from smoothie shops, restaurants, the bakery, and local food vans. We were killing time before being able to head to our AirBnB booked the day before by Funk and Cricket. A whole butt load of us trash were staying in a fancy two floor flat in the resort for two nights; Molly and I, Tom, Nellie, Funk, Cricket, SOBO, Nick, Gilligan, L-Rap, Zach and Pongo. The two days were spent making use of the kitchen and BBQ, as well as the multiple TVs throughout. It was one of the most needed and well used days off of the entire trail so far.