A welcome day of rest with some luxury at the Idyllwild Inn. Burgers, showers, laundry, Mexican, resupply, meeting with the mayor (really, that’s Mayor Max in the photo!). Pizza, beer, a good night’s sleep, and we’re ready to head uphill tomorrow – San Jacinto peak (3,300m) beckons! 🙂

Day 14 was spent enjoying a zero in Idyllwild, eating and planning the up and coming days. We decided that on day 15 we’d take on the San Jacinto summit. The 2.5 mile climb up the devils slide back to the trail head was a breeze in the cool morning, and we soon found ourselves splitting off the PCT once more for the San Jacinto alternate route to the peak. This early the ice was impacted and easy to cross using our micro spikes. 

The view all the way up were stunning, however as we were following the trail of foot prints we soon discovered we were off trail and had to head vertically up the slope to find it once more. 

We didn’t stay on track for long and soon just decided to B-line for the summit. The slog was worth it. 360° views of unimaginable expanses greeted us and we sat enjoying it all for at least an hour. 

Eventually we started our decent which largely consisted of sliding our asses down the slopes. Once again we ignored official trails and cut straight to the PCT. Still high on the afternoons views we squeezed a few more miles out before settling down for camp around sunset. 

San Jacinto was worth the effort and is officially our highest climb at 10,844ft. Truly a day to remember. 

I had so much fun visiting with the PCT Hikers today. They gave me a piece of pizza, and it was delicious. They also…

Posted by Mayor Max on Tuesday, 9 April 2019