What happens at Casa, stays at Casa….unless it’s recorded for the podcast!!!

Casa Decathlon 2019:

  1. Chug a beer (can – either shotgun or down).
  2. Undo buttons, put on and redo buttons of Hawaiian shirt.
  3. Bowl down single pin.
  4. Corn Hole (throw a bean bag from distance through a hole in a wooden stand).
  5. Horse shoe (throw a horseshoe to land around a metal peg in the ground).
  6. Dizzy Bat (run round a bay 10 times with head to bat contact at all times).
  7. Throw frisbee into bin.
  8. Eat to completion 6 saltines. 
  9. Chug a beer.
  10. …..we didn’t actually do a decathlon. Oops.

This event took up the majority of the day with 21-22 contestants, each putting in times ranging from sub 5-8 minutes on average. At the end of the long tournament, the winners were: 3rd place FunkMeister; 2nd place Ribbit; 1st place Dip. Definitely the best spent zero so far. 🙂