What a friendly town Wrightwood is. Although not as well provisioned as Big Bear Lake it’s their favourite stop so far; join the guys as they eat heartily at the Evergreen Cafe (twice!) and bump into some old trail friends – welcome back Panda and Jungle Law! They don’t even need to hitch, as a friendly local waits for them to finish their business to then drive them out of his way back to the trail. Molly reflects on this generosity and decides to adopt Steve’s approach to the value of the gift of time. They hike the PCT for 5 miles or so to Vincent’s Gap, where it crosses the (at this point closed) highway. Joining the other hikers preparing for an early morning ascent of the potentially treacherous Mt Baden Powell, they ‘Cowboy Camp’ for the first time… Be part of their adventure in Episode 30 of Trail & Errors 🙂