The terrain continues to change, and the daily mileage is improving; but often other hikers seem to be moving faster. Today Ethan & Molly set out to see how far they can go, not so much to push for a big distance but to see what a full day of walking results in. Although they initially descend, the day is mainly spent on high ridgelines. Passing through a large campsite they wistfully smell the bacon cooking, but the only benefit to them is the ability to dispose of their rubbish. Despite their initial positivity, their energy is low, and Molly is in discomfort. They want to be able to do 20 miles a day as a minimum; anything over that represents ‘free’ miles that they can use in town or for rest days. They plan to go in and out of Quincy the day after tomorrow, then hit Chester 3 days later. Playing cat & mouse with the trail through a snow-filled dense forest, Molly is feeling homesick. As international hikers they are a long way from home, and feel very out of touch with their friends and family. Also the trail focusses the loneliness, it is difficult to distract your mind when all you are doing is hiking alone through the wilderness, despite the remarkable beauty. After a particularly sweaty climb, Ethan realises that not only has he not washed his shirt for 2 weeks, but he won’t be able to wash it for another week! With his shattered shoes he is truly embracing the hiker trash appearance. A fawn and doe appear on the trail before they make camp, but it has been ‘one of those days’ on the PCT. A melancholic feel to Episode 91 of Trail & Errors… :/