Waking up to the expected rain, team EthaMol are pleased to have decided to head into Ridgecrest for food and supplies. SOBO joins them, as Molly & Ethan have their first visit to a Walmart, where they all meet Gary; a super-nice guy who offers to give them a lift back to the trail later (& will feature again on day 62). With ice-cream for breakfast, all-you-can-eat Chinese for lunch, wi-fi at McDonalds, the guys are pretty bloated by the time Gary takes them back to Walker Pass and joins them for some wine and birthday cake for Prof. The wind is brutal, and ignoring the gods of the coin-toss that makes the others decide to stay put; Molly & Ethan strike out to make some distance before bedtime. They make it 0.3 miles before deciding to camp; that’s dedication to the trail! Episode 49 of Trail & Errors 🙂