Molly & Ethan awake to a beautiful morning after a well earned 10hr sleep. They reflect on their good decision to skip the ascent of Mt Whitney, and they begin the 2 day climb towards Forester Pass and the highest point on the PCT. They tackle the first of what will become many sketchy river crossings, and trudge slowly through the semi-melted snow. They link up with SOBO, who has also decided to skip Mt Whitney. The views are even more incredible, and they enjoy the less frantic pace they’d been keeping to make the weather window for Whitney. They spend lunchtime discussing their favourite foods, and the myriad uses of Peanut Butter as a condiment. Eventually making camp at Tyndall Creek, they are pleased when Funk & Cricket arrive later on, having made it part way up Mt Whitney before the elements forced them back. A successful setup for the challenge of Forester Pass tomorrow… Episode 58 of Trail & Errors 🙂