The views this morning are no less beautiful, with the sunlight bathing Mt Shasta and Castle Crags in its soft light as the guys pack up for the day ahead. Was that the best campsite thus far? Hopeful to be blessed with continued good views from the trail, they move on through flowery meadows towards Toad Lake. The trail takes a big arc southwards (!) then west, north, and finally east around Mt Shasta for the next couple of hundred miles until Ashland in Oregon. Walking along ridgelines the views are great and the gradient is kind, but motivation is tough and they really want to stop and nap. Every time they pause bees gather on their legs, presumably enjoying the sweat, although today is a much better temperature. The trail is popular with day hikers and campers enjoying the nearby lakes and fishing spots. Ethan realises his parents will have arrived in Seattle, though it will be another month before they meet up on the trail. A leisurely stroll through the Trinity Alps in Episode 104 of Trail & Errors.