The stars are bright overnight, and Ethan marvels at how much you can see when camped away from civilisation. Despite it being July the trail still has snowy sections, and they wear their spikes as they head out with expansive views out to the horizon. The elevation continues to drop, and the terrain continues to change, as they move further away from the Sierras. They should be done with the snow in a couple of days, but for the moment it still causes problems with navigation as the trail is often covered with snow. They enjoy their lunch, and feel they have their routine well dialled in now. The path when it runs high along the ridge lines is clear of snow with great views though windy, and then it dives into perfumed forests where there are pockets of snow, but none last for too long. They finish the day at a glorious campsite near a river, and agree it’s been an awesome day on trail. Episode 89 of Trail & Errors 🙂