While I’m having the most amazing time on the PCT, it’s important to recognise the effort and pain that goes on between the posts of smiles and views. The trail can be brutal, ruthless and morale breaking. The heat of the exposed Southern California landscape is energy sapping and if you don’t have the fuel to keep you going it can be an absolute slog. The calories required to sustain an entire days hike out here are unreal and you have to carry all that and more on your back through stretches of 20 or so miles with no water sources. This far we haven’t been in trouble as it were, but certainly the podclast few days before our current break in Big Bear Lake were testing. I think it’s important to post the highs and lows, as far too often people can provide an unrealistic perspective via social media. Our podcast @trailanderrors aims to give a true insight into the PCT, covering the ups and downs of the trail.