Another super tough day on the trail, and this section is certainly living up to its reputation as the sting in the tail of the Sierras. With Stubblefield Creek their immediate problem, they know that today their feet will get wet. It takes an hour to figure out how to get across Stubblefield, with a few failed attempts and tactical retreats, with Ethan always going first it falls to him to suffer the most. At least the creek level is much lower this early in the morning. Eventually they make it over, but suffer greatly from the effects of the cold water. By the end of the following climb they are much recovered, and able to appreciate the views over Wilma Lake. Ethan falls several time in the snow; having skied from an early age Molly is a bit more sure footed in the slippery conditions. Taking cognisance of previous trail comments proves frustrating, as the conditions seem to have changed so much. They cross the edge of Wilma Lake to where they’ve been told to avoid crossing Falls Creek and follow it upstream; a decision they come to regret as the difficult miles pass and the crossing conditions only get worse! Spirits are low, with Molly nursing an achilles issue and yearning to get to town for her birthday tomorrow, but at least Falls Creek is pretty as they follow it uphill on the opposite side to the PCT itself. Eventually tiring of bushwhacking their way up the eastern edge they decide to swim across, again Ethan bears the brunt as he makes two trips to help keep Molly’s pack as dry as possible. It’s now 5.30pm, they’ve done 8 miles, and with 10 to go they buckle down and push on. Molly prefers the difficulties to be dangerous rather than attritional, but they’re determined to get to mile 1000. Deciding to night hike they eventually reach camp at 11.30 just before Cascade Creek, deciding not to cross at night and get wet all over again! The challenge is real…Episode 78 of Trail & Errors.