Although it’s a bucolic setting camping next to a river, Molly & Ethan pay the price when they wake up this morning as all of their gear is wet with condensation. An annoying start to the day, as they head towards Donner Pass with two big climbs to conquer; Squaw Valley and then the colourfully named Tinker Knob. Ethan regrets not stretching this morning, as they head uphill and the snow appears again. The ski runs and infrastructure they walk past looks nonsensical in the summer-like conditions, but there is enough snow that a few skiers have hiked up to get some runs in. They bump into Sugar Glider, who had all his food stolen from his tent by a bear when he camped near Echo Lake! Across a river crossing and more snow their Sierra experience has really hardened them to the conditions. Ethan is europhic at the top of the climb to Tinker Knob, having an epiphany moment in realising how strong and fit he has become, and how the trail has crystallised ideas and plans he has for the future. They walk high along the ridgeline towards Donner Pass and the ski ranch there, where they get a free 42oz beer, and stop for burgers, music, and chat with their fellow hikers. Afterwards they move down the trail near to the road where they camp in preparation for hitching into Truckee tomorrow for a 5 day resupply that will take them onwards to Quincy. Enjoy the journey in Episode 87 of Trail & Errors.