Encompassing two days either side of their visit to South Lake Tahoe, Episode 84 sees the guys rise under a clear sky and don their spikes for a snowy section towards town. With potential wildfires on the horizon the contrast with the snow clad Sierras is evident. Navigation is difficult through the thick trees with the trail under the snow. A big descent towards Tahoe teases with views of the lake, and as the car park comes into view they plan their restaurant visits for the day. With their best smiles and sales patter they get an easy sort-of hitch with an Uber driver into town for only $5. Eggs Benedict for breakfast with plans for an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet for lunch before they can check into their AirBnb they realise that South Lake Tahoe is big and time consuming to get around, and they feel out of place in all the ‘normal’ people preparing for the July 4th celebrations tomorrow. We hear about their lovely gourmet evening when they wake the following morning and begin their town-departing routine; post office visit, supermarket, troublesome bus journeys, helpful locals; eventually they get back to trail at the beautiful Echo Lake, where a milk shake slakes their thirst before they head out alongside the water past cabins and holiday homes with tourists enjoying the water. A long discussion about america, what it means to be a hiker, & thoughts on life in general, sees them move to the head of the lake with thoughts of the ascent to Dick’s Pass tomorrow. Walk with Molly & Ethan on days 98 & 99 in Episode 84 of Trail & Errors 🙂