Waking early in the cold atop Pinchot Pass, the immediate need is again water, and the guys begin the descent with a rock climb down to the snow fields before they can find a water source. They spot Marmots in the snow, and plan the day’s journey to the foot of Mather Pass; renown as the most technical of the high passes. There are a few big creek crossings today, including the deadly South Fork of the King’s River, although they realise that they may be able to avoid the two crossings of this river with some bushwhacking. They also begin to think about Evolution Creek which they will hit in a couple of days, perhaps the largest crossing they will encounter. The climb towards Mather begins, and as they move up into the bowl beneath the pass they search for water which is still surprisingly difficult to come by when you need it. They camp below the pass, and spend the evening planning tomorrow’s assault. The normal route from the southern facing right hand side is cut across by avalanches and, feeling that the conditions will be poorer and more dangerous they decide to tackle the pass from the steeper, east-facing right hand side, cutting across patches of rocks and steep traverses. Zach decides to take on the pass immediately, and the rest of the crew watch him as he picks his way up the mountainous terrain in the evening light, shouting directions (he get’s lost!) and encouragement. For Ethamol that challenge is tomorrow; Episode 64 of Trail & Errors.