After a Zero day in Bridgeport to celebrate Molly’s birthday and the end of the tough Sierra section of the trail, the guys need to resupply. Bridgeport is a nice town, but the options for hiker supplies are thin on the ground, so EthaMol hitch to Walker, 30 odd miles away, and find the general store there well stocked, though they have to swap out some of their normal purchases for new items (being English ‘weiners’ are an unfamiliar item). After some BBQ ribs at a nearby diner they need to hitch back to the trail. As Walker is not a normal resupply town rides are difficult, & Molly particularly feels the stress of needing to get a lift, and when they eventually get a hitch it turns out to be a friendly but wild journey! Back at Sonora Pass they head uphill, and at the top Ethan notices that the view ahead has a distinct lack of snow on the horizon. Having got rid of their bear canisters and ice axes in Bridgeport the guys are travelling lighter, and their next stop in South Lake Tahoe is only another two days away. A short day back on trail, but the work resumes tomorrow. Episode 80 of Trail & Errors 🙂