Molly & Ethan wake with views over Edison Lake with a waterfall in the distance. Ethan spends some time reflecting on the experience of hiking through the high Sierra, and they agree that you have to earn your views. After a log crossing they begin the steep hike up to Silver Pass, entering the snow zone once again. After 9 days on the trail with no sign of civilisation they are looking forward to town, but the false summits of Silver Pass temper their joy as they struggle upwards with cold feet and sweaty bodies. The 2.5 mile ascent takes a couple of hours, but the similar descent takes 20 minutes, as they are able to make 3 long glissades back down the other side of the pass. They take stock of the effect of being out in the wild for such a long period of time, and how the effort of getting off the trail when there are no roads or immediate access points adds to the feeling of remoteness. The discuss their cravings for town, and what they miss from home. With plans for a ‘double dinner’ when they reach Mammoth Lakes they push on in the cold and camp within striking distance of town. An interesting and reflective episode of Trail & Errors; number 69 🙂