Numb fingers this morning as the team pack up for the walk to Sierra City and beyond. It’s a lovely woodland trail, but aside from birds not much wildlife; Ethan really wants to see a bear! They can see the unique formations of Sierra Buttes ahead, but first they dive a mile off trail to Sierra City for a ‘gut buster’ burger, and they run into their old trail friend Chef whom they haven’t seen since Kennedy Meadows over a month ago! Pleased to be back on the PCT afterwards they reflect on how overwhelming civilisation is when you spend most of your time out in the sticks, though it was useful having internet access so Ethan could order some new shoes as his current pair are ‘obliterated’. They climb up and past the rocky outcrop that makes up Sierra Buttes, Game of Thrones fans will enjoy their discussion about their top 3 moments from the series. Settling down to a pleasant camp by a lake they continue to plan the miles ahead to make sure that they can reach Canada before their visas expire in September. A good day in Episode 90 of Trail & Errors.