A dramatic day on the PCT. Team EthaMol wake early, a poor night’s sleep for Ethan whose sleeping pad has sprung a few leaks. Deer roam nearby, but unfortunately so do the mosquitos! Although they have yet to see any bears, they do come across some bear tracks, which is the cause of much excitement. They still feel the distance remaining to town, and are more than ready to rinse off the miles when they get there. Climbing uphill over Selden Pass the eat their breakfast on top, and discuss the river crossings ahead. Reaching the notorious Bear Creek after a long descent, they can see their friends on the other side and prepare themselves for the crossing. The water is swift, deep, and strong; and despite trying a recognised fording technique they are not entirely successful, and Ethan gets another rinsing. They dry off in the sun before pushing on over some further smaller creeks. Reaching their planned campsite they are reluctant to camp in the snow and push on over Bear Ridge and down a very steep descent which is the cause of some consternation; the benefit of this extended trek is however the accomplishment of more miles than they’d thought possible. All’s well that ends well in Episode 68 of Trail & Errors.