After the many ups and downs of yesterday, the focus of today is one big down followed by a massive up; the Devil’s Climb… It’s a hot day as they start the 14 miles downhill to Seiad Valley, but the thought of milkshakes at the cafe there and the proximity of Oregon tomorrow keeps the guys moving. Bushwacking past Grider Creek they reach the valley floor and the PCT joins a dirt road to town. They are rewarded this morning with copious blackberries growing alongside the trail, which has them dreaming of Tiffy’s (Molly’s grandmother) apple & blackberry crumble…mmmm. Hot and sunny as they hit the road out of town and begin the 8 mile, 5,000ft ascent out of the valley; more than comparable to some of the passes in the Sierra. Ethan reaches the top complaining that it is the ‘most uncomfortable he has ever been’, thanks to the sweat which is overwhelming. As other hikers gather to rest at the top they take a break and discuss many aspects of life in America, before walking into the evening with lovely views of a pale purple sky as the sun sets on a successfully completed 24 mile challenging day. Oregon beckons; Episode 109 of Trail & Errors.