For the first episode of the Trail and Errors podcast, we asked you to send us questions that you wanted us to answer before we head off on 27th March.

We received a total of 40 questions, but answered them all in the ones detailed below. If you have any further Q’s, email, or contact us via FaceBook or Instagram – @trailanderrors.

05:00 – What do you anticipate being the most challenging aspect of the trail?

07:45 – Why does this appeal to you both?

10:09 – What will be the most annoying thing about each other on the trial?

13:48 – How many hours a day will you do?

14:55 – Do you plan on camping every night, or will you be booking into motels on occasion?

16:07 – What are your main bits of kit?

21:30 –  Do you have a target for the first few days?

23:15 – Is there a governmental authority or other organisation that runs or looks after the trail? If so, is there any documentation you need before you start?

26:58 –  Will you be taking a spare pair of boots and what blister remedies are you taking?

29:57 – How much water will you be carrying, especially in the desert?

30:52 – Which part of the trail are you most looking forward to?

31:40 – How much long-distance hiking have you done in the past?

34:20 – WTF?/Why are you doing this?

35:27 – Can you give a general plan of dates and location, and the change in terrain along the way?

39:40 – Have you had to have any jabs?

39:50 – Are you still going dressed as Smurfs?

40:17 – What safety-nets do you have in place, if any?

40:56 – Do you have any personal goals within yourself that you want to realise/accomplish?

41:38 – What is the weather going to be like?

41:58 – Have you decided your joint name? 

42:35 – What do you think you’ll miss the most?

43:10 – What animals are you likely to see?

43:40 – What is the reason behind the name Trial and Errors?

44:10 – What are you taking as your luxury item?

45:24 – Based on your recent Dartmoor trip, what do you know now to do, or not to do, on the PCT? 

47:07 – How long will the hike take?

47:30 – How much food will you start with?

48:10 – Are you going to film it?

48:27 – Are you dreading/excited about any particular part?

49:49 – Where will you aim to resupply first?

50:59 – What are the average distance between outposts, and which is the longest?

52:14 – What are your specific worries, beyond tiredness and heat?