After a good night’s sleep, the team awaken to a cold morning. They break camp with cold numb hands and immediately have a river crossing to contend with. Molly does a good job navigating with the trail still beneath the snow, but their confidence is shaken when the meet a hiker heading back towards Glen and Kearsarge Passes, having decided a river crossing ahead was too much for him and deciding he’d rather hike two days back down the trail and get to town to wait for the conditions to calm down. Deciding to keep to their mantra of checking things out for themselves, they push on, and come to another camp site where a couple of groups are still sleeping, including Funk & Cricket! Waiting for the others to wake up thoughts turn to strategies for the crossings, and with quite a few hikers there are more than enough opinions with some opting to turn around, some wanting to wait, and a few wanting to go ahead no matter what. Molly & Ethan realise that they weren’t the only ones to struggle with yesterday’s climb over Glen Pass, and are pleased that they took their time and didn’t try to push too hard. There are slight tensions at the camp concerning the river crossings, and as they are a bit slower than most other people Molly & Ethan head out, intending to wait by anything too extreme for others to catch up. They still have time to enjoy the sighting of a grouse, before the two of them ford a difficult river by linking arms and crossing together. They push on uphill now towards Pinchot Pass (12,139ft) and the trail is tough to follow. A few members of the now splintered groups catch up, including Funk & Cricket, Tom & Nellie, & Zach. The 5 of them reach the incredible views at the top of Pinchot, and decide to camp on top of the world. Listening to their echoes bounce around the mountains and enjoying the most incredible sunset before the Milky Way spreads itself across the sky the team bed down and think about the challenges tomorrow will bring. A challenging day is completed in Episode 63 of Trail & Errors.