Muir Pass (11,973ft) beckons, but it is a long 6 miles away uphill in the snow. Picking wild onions to add the their lunch, Molly & Ethan enjoy the scenery, but the more gradual ascent of Muir Pass leads to many false summits and some frustration. The sun is beating down, and although the surroundings are immense it is difficult to look up in the blinding light. Becoming tired of walking in the snow they set up a shelter with their ground sheet for lunch, and soak in the views. They recognise that they are in the middle of nowhere, 5 days walk behind them to civilisation, 5 days forward, and they feel the strain of being out for so long. As they watch avalanches fall across the valley SOBO shows up, and gives them news of other teams on the trail and a recap of recent events. Eventually they reach Muir Hut, and begin the long slog downhill through shin deep-snow. The views however, are better than ever, with an amazing forest coating the valley floor ahead. They can see Evolution Creek winding its way through the trees, and are aware that they will need to cross it tomorrow. They appreciate the joy of being just the two of them away in the wilderness, and setting up camp they take a quick inventory of their supplies and check that they are on schedule and can make it to Mammoth in a few days time. An awesome day on trail in a fantastic location; Episode 66 of Trail & Errors 🙂