Some of the crew who had camped with us in the car park were up and off early. We stuck around for a little bit for the whole family to be ready and together made our way up and over mammoth pass (3.5 miles off trail). We sneakily cut our way to the PCT missing a mile and jumping straight to switchbacks that wound down through pine forest. The trail was snowless as it cut across meadows, rolling rocky hills and further down towards the Devils Post Pile – a geological structure similar to the Giants Causeway.

We felt like we were speeding along with no snow to break our progress and soon took break for lunch beneath a raging waterfall that cascaded its way to several tributaries. From here it was a slow and snowy decent through woodland towards Agnew Meadows where we once again reunited. Everyone was tired, whether it was the new found speed that our legs were no longer used to or the classic slog through snow patches we weren’t sure, but we decided to aim for a camp nearby before the climb to Island and Donoghue Pass which would be tackled the next day. Just a little climb brought us past a stream and to a spot with plenty of camp spots for us all. We made fire, sat around it for dinner and reminisced about the dry trail, hoping the next day would bring much the same.