After a decent sleep we awoke feeling ready for the day ahead. In our minds Evolution Creek, a wide river crossing, was the challenge of the day, but we knew of an alternative route through Evolution Meadow which would allow us to pass across safely. It was a four mile hike to the meadow which offered stunning vistas and scenes of the creek itself overflowing through open fields and forests. The meadow was also overflowing, meaning we had to wade thigh high in water to our crossing point. On the other side of the creek were the crew and, spurred on by their words, we lifted our bags as high as we could and strolled across. The water wasn’t fast flowing, but did reach chest height.

After some time chatting away Molly and I moved on to find somewhere down the line to dry off clothes and shoes, and it wasn’t too long before we found a rock over looking a long waterfall charging it’s way down the opposite valley side – Evolution Creek raged down its own rapids somewhere behind us. The trail descended further, crossed a large bridge and went off towards Florence Lake following a new river’s banks through a narrow canyon. Several areas of the path were flooded and one spot seemed to flow like a river itself. In an attempt to cross to a dry patch Ethan misjudged a loose stepping stone and paid for it with a full soaking. With no time to dry he walked the rest of the way in his underwear, into John Muir Wilderness and up the start of the next pass’s ascent. Mosquitoes came out to play this evening forcing us to quickly set up among the trees for camp before making it to where the trail family would be. It had a been a wet day, but a beautiful one, and sleep was much welcomed.