Today we would finish up the last of the “technical” mountain passes, Muir Pass. Ahead of us was a long and drawn out ascent leaving behind the snowless forests of yesterday and taking us right back into the slog of snow. It wasn’t a tough ascent, but false summits and mad exposure to the sun made the miles slow. An upside, however, were all the wild spring onions growing around the streams and waterfalls on the way up. We took four for lunch.

Around midday we came across a patch of rock just before the final up hill push and took the opportunity to make shelter and refuel. It was a steep climb to finish the pass, but suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, the Muir Hut appeared signifying the end. It is a beautiful igloo shaped stone shelter dedicated to John Muir, a naturalist hero of mine. The descent was steady and took us through endless snow scapes before dropping down to a river crossing and suddenly back to snowless forests. We camped below the snow line upon a large rock that gave us views of the valley we would pass through the next day.