We had a decent sleep, but woke up a little later than planned. As we packed up Cricket and Funk came by having camped at the bottom of Onion Valley and gotten on the trail around 2am to summit Kearsarge and reach Glen Pass early in the morning. SOBO had opted to stay in bed a little longer, can’t blame her. They pressed on ahead, and soon we were on the go too. We reached a water source earlier than expected and filled up before hitting the PCT and heading towards Glen Pass taking us through a valley with views of snowless mountains, though the trail curved left into a bowl which was clearly avalanche centre.

Molly’s legs felt weak as we began the slushy ascent which seemed to take forever! We finally summited together and could see a group that had just finished the descent resting in the rocks below. Whether it was due to time of day, or the extraordinary heat, the descent was the most sketchy experience of the trail thus far. Without the support of Molly I’m not sure I would have made it, the fear of losing control and sliding down the slope overcame me and so found myself reluctant to move and breaking down. Eventually we reached the bottom and recovered while cursing the pass behind us.

Exhausted from this we pressed on around Upper Ray Lake and to Middle Ray where we rested for 3 hours away from the sun and snow combination which was taking its toll on our energy. Around 5pm we got back on the trail feeling replenished, filled water at a flowing stretch of lake, and marvelled at the evening light on the peaks around us. Our next challenge was a river crossing which we completed with ease, but with wet and cold feet, and a little way on from there several more crossings surrounded us. As the light dimmed these became difficult to navigate and once across we were faced with a cliff wall that we had to climb in order to find the trail once more. We scaled the boulder problem in the dark and quickly found dry land to camp on, exhausted from the days trials. We were 2 miles from where Funk and Cricket were set to camp and had an 8 mile climb to do before reaching the next pass.