We woke up early again to tackle the miles before Kearsarge Pass while the snow was still hard. Unfortunately, as is the trend of late, the snow did not freeze over night meaning it was soft and sludgy to walk through. We only had 2 miles to go on the PCT, but 7.5 miles along Bull Frog Trail and over Kearsarge itself. This was part of our march to a trail head where we could hitch to Bishop for a zero day.

Walking along Bull Frog was gorgeous with frozen lakes either side of us and rocky topped mountains all around. The climb up to the pass was a ball ache though; super steep trudging through soft and deep snow before reaching the switchbacks to the top. Once summited, we had views of Bull Frog Lake behind us and before us was a long descent down to Onion Valley where the snows gave way to soil and tarmac.

There was a line of people coming up from OV and they brought good word of Bishop. We slid our way down, glissading where we could and eventually reaching the car park. Here a Trail Angel named Chipmunk gave us drink, sandwiches and doughnuts before taking us all the way to Bishop where we checked in at the Hostel California.