We got a solid 10 hours sleep and awoke feeling super ready for a steady 12 miles to the base of Forester Pass at Tyndall Creek. There were so many god-awful hills to climb in the morning it made us thankful that we took the evening off the previous day. Snow covered the trail so we took the most direct route, it’s just a shame that often meant the vertical route. With mountains on all sides we came across Whitney Creek and the turn off to the summit. We looked up at Whitney wondering whether Funk and Cricket were somewhere up there.

While we rested and filtered water, SOBO popped round the corner having also skipped Whitney. We were so happy to see her and hopeful of a full family reunion pre-Forester. There were 3-4 river crossings all of which were done dry, but it was evident how these were getting fuelled by the ever increasing snow melt. It’s so hard to describe the beauty of the mountains around us, they jut out from the ground bearing their craggy tops and steep snow shoots. Rain began to fall making the snow a slushy soup. Traversing the slopes surrounding white meadows became a slog, but soon we found ourselves among the pines around Tyndall Creek.

Finding a spot to camp was hard due to the snow cover but eventually we found open ground in a tree well. SOBO hadn’t been seen since Whitney Creek and there was no sign of Funk or Cricket until, while cooking up dinner from the warmth of our tent, we heard Funk’s voice. It was awesome to see them and to know that we’d be taking on the pass together the next day. We assumed SOBO had camped further up with another group. Funk and Cricket had made it up the majority of Whitney before turning round due to weather and time. The fact they made it to Tyndall after having done so much in the morning was insane, but it was great to have the family coming back together.