This was the day of Julian and a much anticipated Nero (low mileage day). We finished the descent from our camping spot and crossed a few miles along the flat before reaching Scissors Crossing. From here we aimed to hitch hike to the town of Julian, but the locals kept us waiting and the tourists looked perplexed by the number of seemingly homeless people wanting a ride to town.

Eventually some one pulled over in a flat bed pick up. He’d given rides before for hiker trash, in fact he said it was his hobby, but looking at the 8 of us waiting at the side of the road he said “the most I’ve had on the back is 3 or 4 at once” – all 8 of us squeezed onto the back. Once in town it was time for Moms Pie – free pie and drink for PCT hikers!

Essentially we spent the day sitting and eating, but quickly resupplied our packs before hitching back to the crossing to add a few more miles to the trail. Under the crossing were hikers taking break from the heat, but we pressed on up the brutal hill to settle within a canyon. That night we were reunited with people we hadn’t seen for a while and who have become fundamental to the miles since.