Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for, the first day of the Sierras! Having camped at the Kennedy Meadows General Store after our time away, we were set to get right back to it. The trail head was only a mile or so down the road and got us started immediately in a sage brush meadow headed for the mountains. We were slow and laboured after a long break off trail, and a tad fragile from the illnesses that had plagued Molly and I during the trip, so miles were steady and legs felt heavy. The trail led us through thick forests of Redwood pines, passing by raging snow melt rivers and into ‘Clover Burn’ area. Rain threatened us several times along the way but never really kicked off, much to our delight. It was still warm which didn’t help the sluggish feeling we were battling. On top of this was a loss of appetite and energy that was making the gradual climb of the day an absolute slog. Funk and Cricket were up ahead, knowing that we’d probably not make it to the designated camp spot that day. Indeed after passing through the stunning ‘Beck Meadows’, Molly and I set up camp on top of a pass over looking the meandering rivers below, 6 miles short of the others. We just couldn’t push it any further and hoped this feeling would pass before morning.