I was woken up by the rising sun nice and early. While loading up on water from the cache I spotted Prof who had camped the other side of the dirt road. He told me of how he had walked in cooler hours of the day, and was unfortunately hit by some illness during the night. He seems OK now though. After some time we were all up and heading up the morning’s climb. It was long but not too arduous and gave stunning views of the valley and lower flat plains. On the other side, the trail descended among small pines for a ways. A day hiker warned us of incoming weather over the next few days. Still descending, we weaved our way through the woodland eventually popping out onto a dirt track road and burn area.

We tucked down for lunch by a stream 12 miles into the day feeling exhausted and frankly a tad bored. Though easy, the day hadn’t offered many views and dirt road walks are tough on the joints. We decided that as the next day would be Prof’s birthday, we would pop to Ridgecrest town for a Chinese buffet returning to the trail in the evening for a night hike. With promise of good food tomorrow we marched on towards Walkers Pass, passing through more small woodlands. On arrival we were pleased to see another cache, as well as bags of wet wipes and hand sanitizer. We set up camp under a pine for cover from what looked like impending rain.