With 12 miles to go to the next water source Molly and I left camp with 2 litres each. Already you could tell the day would be a scorcher. It didn’t take long however for the trail to cut through meadows and forests signifying a coming change to the environment. Pine and oak forests surrounded us as we climbed steep slopes. This change was a massive morale boost and utterly stunning to witness. While taking in his surroundings, Prof slipped ass first into cow turd on the trail, & consequently we all pushed hard to the water source to get him cleaned up. This truly felt like bear country, and people from other groups were reporting the occasional sight.

When we reached the spring we nestled down under some trees to hydrate, it had been a sweaty day. Panda suddenly turned up – we hadn’t seen him for weeks! He was on a charge to catch Jungle Law before the Sierras and was therefore putting in some mad miles, he didn’t stay for long. We too left with the aim of camp in 7 miles. This stretch was the most beautiful yet with peaceful streams and the smell of pine resin in the air. Settling down for camp, the five of us sat round a fire marvelling at how beautiful the day had been.