Woke up early to see a beautiful deep red sun rise. Ahead of us is a stretch of 14 miles with no water and we are already on rations so no porridge for breakfast, just bars. Started with an ascent that ended among small pines and craggy orange rocks along a ridge. The trail descends and ascends following a dirt track for much of the way, with some portions being annoyingly steep and exposed, though the growing tree coverage does provide the occasional shade. Water is now running very low, but with only 4 miles to go we decide to chug what we have before the last dash. It takes a while to get there following the edge line of large rocky slopes but finally we make it to the spring. At this point we are all fatigued and dehydrated so we break here for 2 hours for lunch and to drink as much as we can.

New conundrum: no more water for 18 miles. Have to decide whether or not to walk 4 miles to camp or 9 miles to camp rationing water along the way to make it to the source tomorrow. We decide the latter to make the next days struggle shorter, but end up camping somewhere between the two spots as fatigue takes over us all.