We woke around 5:30 am, gathered the troops, said goodbyes and got on the trail. The first mile or so followed the California aqueduct, we then diverted across the plain following the black pipe of the LA aqueduct for two or so hours. It was dead straight and a tad boring, but the early light was beautiful and peaceful. The trail then dived right, parallel to where we stayed at Wee Vill market but already many miles away. The notorious heat was kept at bay by wind all day.

After sometime following a dirt road we started to pass through the wind farm eventually arriving at the first water source for 20 miles. The four of us had a nap under a bush with the idea to press on for nine or so more miles, however, we hadn’t taken into account the insane winds to come. As we began to leave the farm we were buffeted by the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced. It truly beat us up all the way to sunset and drew away the last of our energy. We ended up camping with in a valley alongside a river four miles short of the original plan, but having still achieved the longest day thus far.