The previous night we had rubbed pine resin under our noses as a way of enjoying its scent, and as a result Molly woke up with a French ‘tash of dirt.  It was another slow morning; it seems like this is becoming the norm. The rest of the walk out of the pines was pleasant and opened up to the manzanita forests once again. We faced a 2 mile, 1000ft climb which, in the heat of the morning, was a struggle. It seemed to take forever to ascend, though the 500 mile marker at the top was nicely placed to boost our morale. We had quite a few more miles to go so we pushed on at pace to get to a good water source for lunch.

It was here that we made a plan to get to Wee Vill Market for the evening. Wee Vill promised grill, showers and camp, and sounded more peaceful than hiker town. The plan was that Prof would power forward as the fastest member of the team and stop wherever he is at 5pm. We would then meet him there for snacks, call the market to arrange food and a lift and then walk the evening to the pick up point.

The path went winding down the range with views of the desert plains. By the time we started to ascend once more it was cool and not such an issue; it didn’t take long to find Prof at his chosen spot. After the arrangements were made we dashed down the last 2 miles trying to beat the ride to the pick up spot which we did. That last section gave us amazing sunsets and prairie views.

Wee Vill Market provided camp spots, amazing burgers on arrival, a resupply point and hot showers. It was getting dark so we chowed down, cleaned up and headed to bed. Tomorrow would be another zero right before the infamous aqueduct stretch across the Mojave desert.