The plan was to get up and take the 9:00 shuttle to town to start the trail once more, but classic ‘Zero’ vortex kept us sitting around till 11. Even when we got into town we messed around, distracted by food and chat. Eventually we got going around 14:30, strolling along the 2 mile road walk. The trail diverted from the road and climbed the shrub covered hill range. The slopes were lush with life; pine like shrubs with light green leaves with young branches on its outside dominated the flora; ravens dominated the fauna.

It was a hot climb; it’s always hard after a Zero. The other side blessed us with deep green grass, hoisin bush, miners lettuce, and trees. It looked more like the African plain than Southern California. After a water source stop we descended further towards a road where the tent site was. It was packed, but with everyone we knew. We squeezed in between Fake News, ADL, Funk & Cricket.