We enjoyed a breakfast with Funk and Cricket before trekking down through the last of the pine forest on this range. The day was essentially all down hill, therefore despite it being a corker in terms of heat it really wasn’t too bad. There was a handy ranger’s station from which we grabbed some water and a Gatorade, and where we planned the day ahead.

The idea was to head a few miles to the KOA (Kampgrounds Of America) near Acton, check out its pool, hot tub, and pizza opportunities, and from there decide whether or not to press on or settle. On arrival we ordered pizza, nommed it, and decided that it was too expensive to stay the night there so quickly moved on.

We passed a train line just in time to see the LA double decker come by, and made our way up through the meadows with Funk, Cricket, and Professor. It was beautiful in the evening light and made me think of the prairie lands of cowboy stories and films. We settled down along a ridge line for some cowboy camping after long talks about home.