Waking up on top of Mt Williamson was bliss. The valley within which the city lay during the night was now completely submerged by cloud that we stood above. We descended Williamson and began a section of the hike which consisted of a road walk for 2-3 miles. This was due to a trail closure put in place to protect the habitat of the Yellow Legged Mountain Frog 🐸. We then joined back onto the PCT via the Burkhart trail, which took us up a beautiful wooded valley with a river that darted amongst the trees and rocks.

From here the PCT wound its way up steep slopes and along exposed ridge lines until it once again met the road. We had lunch there while talking to a local ornithologist about the birds and trees all around us. When asked about migratory species, he went on to describe 50 or so species; I guess he doesn’t get asked that all too often! Feeling a new energy we pressed on past the 400 mile mark and back towards the lowland shrubs that we’d been used to at the start of our journey.