Check out from our Airbnb in Wrightwood was at 12:00 so we planned on spending the morning resupplying, with a side of brekkie. It ended up being the other way round as we found the best breakfast joint in town and totally got consumed by its vortex of food and free coffee. After resupply and all, we hung around for the afternoon popping from cafe to cafe trying to wait out the heat. We only had a few miles to go to the base of Baden Powell so were in no rush. Around 4pm we headed out with a hitch and got started on those few miles which made their way up and down the San Gabriel ridges to the road below Baden; ‘Vincent’s Gap’. There we met many of those we had stayed with in town, and a few others we hadn’t seen for a while. We set up ready for our first cowboy camp (camping with no tent cover), with the aim for a pre-sunrise get up to stack the snows while they’re hard. I was feeling so pumped to take on our second summit, we had been watching this beast get closer for a long time now.