We slept like logs! Waking up in that ridge point was so beautiful, made sweeter by the left over fruit from the day before. We headed down to the valley basin where the water cache lay, but it was running low and we were still carrying a good amount from Maccy D’s. We skirted the higher ridges of the valley for the morning with views of the San Gabriel’s. The afternoon brought another cache which, at that point, we really needed. Thank angels for that. The trail wound it’s way up the slopes through pine forests and with views of small ranges and expansive flat lands; the Mojave sits there waiting for us. It was a tough climb but we made it to spot with a big crew: Jukebox, Cheers, Sun Bear, SOS, Little Skittle, St Nick, and more. We all sat around a fire for dinner but hit the hay early. The next day will be taking us to Wrightwood for a ‘nero’ before we take on Baden Powell.