Easter Sunday! Started the day with a call home, it was the first moment of homesickness on the trail. Once the tears dried we got back to it, taking on the immediate ascent that granted superb views of Silverwood Lake in the morning light. We returned to the ridge line trail that made up most of yesterday, but this time round the San Gabriel Mountains were just over the next range. We climbed more and got a gobsmacking view of mountains, highways, tramlines, & sharp ranges of hills and cliffs. We strolled down these ranges towards the highway where the famous ‘on trail’ McDonald’s lay. We killed it. Deluxe Big Macs each, 20 chicken nuggets, 2 milkshakes, a chicken salad, fries and maybe more…I can’t remember. Outside was a fresh fruit stall which we also raided while chatting to the biker group who were stunned with what it meant to attempt the PCT. Still not used to saying that we are walking to Canada! With full bellies we pushed a further 5 miles as the sun dropped down below the hills we would climb tomorrow.