It was another slow get up; we ate breakfast and left the river side and returned to the exposed shrub-land that dominates much of this Southern California section. As the heat picked up we were thankful that the trail turned towards a canyon, at the bottom of which was a raging river. Walking alongside an audible water source is a real morale boost and can push you through miles even when you are drained. We passed the 300 mile mark! Each 100 seems to come easier now.

The heat made us drink a tonne, but despite hearing the river we couldn’t access it for water as the slopes were immense. We pushed on to where the river crossed the trail where we had our first Rattle Snake encounter 🐍. After a 10 minute stare down I eventually managed to get the devil to move off trail using a branch as a pokey stick :/. Finally we reached the water and enjoyed a dip before lunch.

Round the corner a few miles were the hot springs. Many a naked person can be found there, but hiker trash need to bathe too so we embraced the happenings and enjoyed some down time as a big group of underwear wearing folk amongst the bodies. The heat began to pass, so Molly and I pressed on another 5 miles, over the rainbow bridge and to a spot overlooking the river for camp. It was a big day full of the weird and wacky, but definitely one to remember.