A layer of cloud quickly gave way to blue skies as we left our camp by the lake and continued the descent we had started the evening before. The trail took us through a large burn area, now reclaimed by a flowery meadow, and past a waterfall before re-entering woodland. A large climb lay ahead of us, but it was to be the only one of the day and promised a lake at its summit which would make a good spot for lunch.

On our way up the mountainous bowl views of distant waterfalls and dramatic alpine valleys opened before us. Once summited, it didn’t take much convincing to get us into the lake to cool off, but it took more to get us back on the trail after lunch. We now had a long descent that meandered down the side of the next mountain bowl. A deep blue lake sat within the valley and it was alongside one of the many creeks feeding into the lake that we camped. It was fairly cramped with only just enough space for Will and Audrey’s tent, but beneath the forest’s canopy we all drifted away to dreamland.