With the efforts of the day before, we had set ourselves up beautifully to enter Snoqualmie. Only 9 miles away lay our last true Nero of the trail with feather beds, laundry, showers and all. From Mirror Lake to town, the trail gradually rolled through forests and traversed ridgelines before dropping down onto the now green slopes of Snoqualmie ski resort.

The “town” itself largely fell within two large car parks and consisted of a hotel with a handful of food places and a gas station market. On arrival we headed for the Summit Inn to check in before eating at the Aardvark Express. While waiting for our delicious curry at the Aardvark, people kept coming by offering us drinks, crisps, sweets and fruit all for free and totally out of the blue. We accepted all of course and soon found ourselves sat at a table surrounded by full shopping bags of goodies.

The food there was amazing and filled the time we needed to kill before checking in to our rooms. We shared a room with Will and Audrey and spent the last hours of the afternoon in its comfort catching up with the world. That evening would bring pizza, and lots of it, as well as a few drinks and TV. We all thoroughly made the most of what was there, resting our bodies as much as possible before starting the last two week leg the next day.