We were now only a day from Snoqualmie, our next Nero stop with feather bed and resupply. This section from White Pass hadn’t been the most engaging in terms of beauty, and this day was to be yet another walk through the forests. The density of wood kept us away from views with the additional aid of low lying cloud and fog. The sun did eventually win the sky back though, and soon we were walking through burn area meadows filled with huckleberries enjoying the new days heat.

It doesn’t take too long before that blessed heat becomes too much, but we all found a sheltered and shaded spot among the forests for lunch. Being labour day weekend, we were passing families whenever the trail came close to a trailhead. We were also aware of the distant, yet seemingly incoming, sound of gunfire. There must have been a range somewhere, the rat-a-tat of machine gun fire echoed throughout the valleys accompanied by the occasional boom of some kind of explosive.

With this all behind us we began to key in to Mirror Lake where we would camp that night. A few more rolling ridge lines brought us to its shores where an Osprey circled overhead. We pitched tents alongside a couple of fathers whose daughters where enjoying their first overnight camp. We told them of PCT stories enjoying the glow of their fire and tucked into bed under the stars a pine canopy.