The pitter patter of rain roused us from sleep. We intended to get out and back on trail like any normal day, but the rain drove us to hang around the gas station store and café for a little while at least. Around 10 we finally decided to head out as the rain had slowed to a drizzle and we were slowly beginning to vortex in the warmth of the café.

We had a steady climb to start off with and met a couple of local foragers making the most of the mushroom blooms of late. The forest dropped with humidity once the rains had moved on, and a thin fog hung around the canopy. Lake after lake passed us with their deep blue waters rippling in the slight breeze. The forest had a wild vibe to it. In every opening I’d expect to see some beast at a watering hole or crossing a meadow. Will and Audrey thought they saw two wolfs stopping back among the trees not far from the trail but Molly and I were just too late to see them.

With eyes peeled we continued through the moss clad trees until we reached the last big climb of the day which opened up to meadow slopes. For the majority of the day we had been struggling with motivation feeling the pressure of the weather on our shoulders. However, as we topped that last climb, we were met by views  like those of the Lake District. Valleys led to gorges within which large lakes settled at the feet of mountains. We skirted this view for a mile or so before netting the others in a patch of pine trees for camp. It was drizzling as we cooked food and settled down and sleep quickly took over, once again under the pitter patter of rain.