The one down side to catching up with trail friends, is that you inevitably have to say goodbye. We left Prometheus and Not A Minor by the creek as we got back on the trail and started the first climb of the day. It was a nice gradual climb that took us from dense forest to open burn area.

We were skirting Mt Adam’s south side whose slopes had bountiful huckleberries, but soon we turned west and looped round to the north side which presented us with fantastic views of glaciers streaming down the mountain side. Also to our north was Mt Rainier on the horizon, a mountain that can be seen from Canada. Boy were we getting close.

After lunch we meandered down the trail passing by murky waterfalls and meadows. We then entered yet another dense forest whose trees seemed stunted or young and soon there was a clue as to why. We were passing a small lava field or at least evidence of volcanic activity that may be a factor in the growth of the vegetation.

Eventually, we made it to the meadow in which we wished to camp but were surprised by the number of hikers already set up there. Nonetheless we found a spot by some trees, had food and settled down to a nights sleep. Tomorrow we would enter Goat Rocks Wilderness, one of the most beautiful areas on the PCT.