For the first night away from an actual bed after a zero, we actually had a surprisingly great sleep. We packed our stuff slowly as we gently woke up and made our way back on the Timberline Trail towards the PCT.

The trail skirted a valley bowl across several rivers whose crossings were surprisingly reminiscent of the Sierra. The views around us of forested foothills and Mt Hood behind us were stunning, and we were grateful for the alternative route as the PCT was shrouded from such views by the dense woodland.

Back on the PCT, we followed ridge lines up and down for miles. The forest was dense and became ghostly as low misty clouds began to envelop the canopy above us. A fine drizzle was in the air for much of the afternoon with the occasional break out of rain. At times we could only see a few meters ahead as the fog thickened. Shapes of rocks, skeletal burnt trees and future ridge lines barely poked through giving the landscape a mystical feel.

One last collection of water at a lake and we were on route to camp, just one more climb to a ridge top was needed and we’d be in good shape to reach Cascade Locks the next morning.

We found a beautiful spot in grassy forest and managed to set up just before the heavens opened, but the weather wasn’t done with us yet. It rained so hard that puddles and mini streams formed around our tent. Molly tried her best to dig trenches to divert water around us, but many burst or ignored them getting everything not within the inner tent soaked. We however were dry, and that was all that mattered for sleep.