One last push is all it would take to get us set up for tomorrow’s meet with my parents. Much of the day ahead would keep us trudging through woodland, but the excitement of what was to come during our up and coming double zero was enough to keep the miles moving. Huckleberry bushes did their part to motivate us too. These beautifully sweet little berries grew along the trails edge for the entirety of the day and we gorged on them throughout.

Every now and then the trail spat us out into clearings. It was hard to tell whether these were natural or from tree felling activity, but it made it clear that we were in rolling foothills between Mt Hood and Jefferson, though we couldn’t see either beyond the forests. As the day drew on, Timothy Lake became our target for camp. It was a large rippling lake whose edges were reminiscent of the coast. As we skirted its bulk we passed tent after tent of families enjoying a Friday adventure. We finally made camp ourselves on the far end of the lake after a 30 mile day leaving us only 19 to get to Timberline Lodge tomorrow.