It was hard to shake off the sleep that had consumed us so deeply, but we today we had a goal, Ollalie Lake, and we wanted to reach its store by evening to grab a little treat if possible. We descended 7 miles to a river basin before starting a long but steady 8 mile climb toward the Mt Hood Wilderness.

This climb took us through woodland, scorched burn areas, across strong rivers, through lush meadow and finally to rid globe that stood between Mt Jefferson to the south, still immense, and Mt Hood to the north standing tall on the horizon. From here we dropped down a winding path over loose rock, and twisted our way past large rolling hills and deep blue lakes.

As we neared Ollalie, we thought of cold Gatorades and maybe a sweet treat to take into the evening, but a chap heading SOBO informed us of magic being handed out by the store. We pelted the last mile eager to arrive before it was too late. Sure enough, a blue tent covered a large stove on top of which were buckets of rice, barley salad, mac and cheese, beans, and a traditional Mexican dish called Chicken Mollie (don’t know its spelling).

The food was incredible and we tucked in with the many hikers who had gathered there multiple times. The store also provided us with drinks and enough snacks to last us to Timberline Lodge. Ollalie had been an incredible success. It was so hard to leave the wonderful people and food behind, but onwards we went. We felt fuelled up and giddy as we walked an extra 2 miles before setting up camp alongside trail. To all those who provide trail magic, you are heroes and the joy you give is priceless. Thank you.